Chipiona is celebrating the 80th anniversary of Rocío Jurado’s birthday. A date marked on her calendar that, together with that of her death and the procession of the Virgin of Regla, adds up to one of the most media days in the town. As always, her ‘media family’ has had words to pay tribute to the artist despite the differences between them.

We have been able to speak with Gloria Mohedano and she has confessed that “she is always with us”, although she prefers not to talk about how she would have turned eighty years old: “I’m not going to give my opinion now, okay?”

Gloria has been very happy to see that, despite the years since her death, the artist’s audience remains loyal: “Well, if everyone remembers her, am I not going to remember her? They still love her very much.” .

Despite the complicated years that the whole family has gone through due to Rocío Carrasco’s appearance on television with two documentaries telling the whole truth about her family and the hell she lived with Antonio David, her aunt remains by the side of the beings. dear ones who have not wanted to take a stand.

A few days ago, in the procession of the Virgin of Regla, we were able to see Gloria, José Antonio Rodríguez, Rosa Benito and David Flores in the house of ‘My grandmother Rocío’… showing that they are still together, like a pineapple, despite everything that has been said about them in recent years.