Laura Maramoros to Kiko Jiménez in Survivors: “I love you, with respect to Sofía so that she is not offended”

In the midst of continuous comings and goings during his time on the island of ‘Survivors’, Kiko Jimenez y Laura Matamoros They face the Bridge of Concord where they finally both decided to embrace each other, demonstrating the great affection they have for each other. Despite the many moments they shared together at Playa Limbo, both took advantage of the occasion to blame each other for many of their disagreements that have made their relationship grow colder every day.

While Laura claimed that she has felt ‘daggers in the back’ from Kiko, her boyfriend. Sofia Suescun revealed that he broke the rules of the contest by sharing a hamburger with Laura. Very surprised by the confession of her partner, Laura, she was proud of not having accepted that hamburger because she knew that she was going to blame her.

Looking back and remembering the moments they shared at the beginning of the program in Playa Olimpo, Laura and Kiko once again showed their most conciliatory side. “Respecting what you have outside, I love you very much, what we have is a love-hate as if you were my brother. With respect to Sofía so that she doesn’t get offended, I love you,” Laura told her partner. “I want us to be like before: get along. I don’t like getting along with you,” Kiko responded before melting into a tender hug as a way of reconciliation.