Manu Vallejo, from Venta Espadita to the 'Pichichi' of the League

Manu Vallejo has become this week the LaLiga top scorer Santander thanks to the two goals that gave victory to Valencia in front of Raise 4-2. The chiclanero entered the game at minute 72 and dressed as a hero for his team to score the first three points of the season, but Where does Manu Vallejo come from?

AS newspaper he moved to the 'Sale Sword', the place that his family runs in Chiclana, to talk with his parents, Javier and Ana, and his brother, Álvaro. The three were still assimilating what happened in Sunday's game. “I get very nervous and I did not believe the goals. As soon as the game was over, Manu called his father. He said that he would not be able to sleep “, she comments excitedly his mother.

Despite all the excitement Javier asks your son to enjoy the moment, but keep your feet on the ground: “I am the spoiler forever. I tell him enjoy it, but things change a lot in football. “ And he adds, “he is clear that the next game can stay on the bench and is never going to complain. two goals does not guarantee anything“.

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SOCCER 20/21Manu Vallejo, celebrates one of his two goals against Levante.

its brother, ÁlvaroNor does he believe it yet: “It seems that it is not happening, we live it very normal, but it is that we have not reacted yet“. For him, Manu is a benchmark: “I follow my brother in everything, both in studies and in football.” Well so, With that humility reflected in the words of his family, Manu Vallejo has grown up.

Javier insists that dedicate yourself to football was his passion and has always fought for it: “He has always had constancy because i wanted being an athlete. He never goes out of his diet, even if we were eating out. “In addition, Ana acknowledges that Manu has always had good discipline for the world of sport. “Manu has always been very homemade, studied, trained and at home. He is clear that the day before the game he does not leave, but it is something that he has lived through since he was little because Javi (his father) has always played football “. Javier was up to 30 years dedicated to football as a right winger in teams like Marbella or San Fernando.

Of course, before heading to Valencia, Manu he helped his parents in the family business whenever they needed it: “When we had a lot of work in the sale, both Manu and his brother knew that they had to lend a hand. For the future, that will help him to know that work is essential. “

One of the important steps in Manu Vallejo's career was when he began his adventure with Cádiz in Second Division. That day the whole family fulfilled a dream: “for us it was the greatest thing that could happen to us. We always went to Carranza and I said: “Manu, when am I going to see you play here?” and he always told me “someday”. The twists and turns that life takes, “says her mother with a smile. The same smile that she recognizes that the day” I heard all the Carranza singing 'Manu Vallejo' I was very excited. I had dreamed that all my life. I have it recorded “.

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The Vallejo family attended AS at the bar they run in Chiclana.

Then came Valencia

The News that Manu would sign for the Valencia she was received with great enthusiasm by the whole family, but Ana feared that she would not adapt: ​​”I had never left here before going to Valencia “, however his father affirms that”adapted well, the climate is similar and he is very happy there. “

Javier acknowledges that what his son has achieved has not been easy, “Manu has already had luck. For a team like Valencia to notice a kid who was in Third is not easy“And as for the arrival of Javi Gracia, A coach with a Cadista past, his father comments that his son tells him “wonders about him, he tells me that he talks to them a lot.”

The thorn of debuts

If something their parents regret it is not being able to be present in some of the debuts Manu for work, although they are always attentive to all his matches. Ana tells how they experienced Vallejo's first goal with Cádiz in the Copa del Rey against Tenerife: “We were on vacation in Asturias watching the game in a bar, and when Manu marked I got up screaming and the waiter even got scared “. Javier adds: “Who was going to tell us that his first goal with Cádiz we were going to see it In asturias! “.

However, to remove the thorn, his father and his brother did attend his premiere in Champions: “We missed our debut in the Second Division and the debut in the First Division because it was in Bilbao. For the Champions League debut I went with Álvaro (Manu's brother) and three friends to see him because he told me that maybe he was making his debut and he convinced me. We went and Valencia won 4-1 at Lille. At least i could see it debut in Champions half an hour, “says his father.

Valencia Shield / Flag

When talking about a possible future debut with the senior team, his father is cautious: “It is difficult for him to reach the senior team, at the moment he goes day by day and taking advantage of opportunities.”

Proud of his Chiclana

The Valencia player always has present to your land, and take advantage of your vacation to return home. “Manu has been on vacation here. He was clear that he wanted to be at home and make his usual plans, with his friends, he maintains to his friends from Cádiz B“says Ana.

Also, they are not few children than they see it as a benchmark, although his father insists that he remains unaware of what it means to them: “He doesn't realize that there are children who follow him. He takes pictures of himself with everyone, but I think he is not aware of the illusion of that child. He was like that as a child. “

Manu Vallejo is proud of his landbut her land is more proud of him. The youth squad got older, but Cádiz is still very aware of him, and there are not a few people from Cádiz and Cadistas who are now also a little bit of Valencia thanks to the forward. Cádiz will always toast their successes, just like Manu will toast the successes of his land.