Tuchel, the ideal culprit: “It's like Calimero”

As if it were a game from the popular video game 'Among Us', in Paris they have already chosen the culprit for the poor start of the 20/21 campaign in Ligue 1 with two defeats against Lens and Olympique de Marseille and a victory by the minimum against him Metz. The chosen one is none other than Thomas Tuchel.

The German coach has received rather notable criticism from various Parisian commentators and former players through the local press. In Le Parisien, Eric Rabesandratana, a former Parisian captain, and Mikaël Madar, a former capital striker, strongly criticize the current coach of the French team.

Madar accuses the team at this start of a lack of reaction and Rabesandratana of the absence of a model. “There is no identity. It is the opposite of Blanc's PSG,” he assured. “I blame him for a lack of reaction to the problems posed by his rivals,” said the striker. Thus, they criticize his way of leading the team during matches. “He has no influence in the course of the games are his changes. He seems lost. In the Champions League final, losing 1-0, I should have gone on the attack “, they affirm. Madar assures that when he sees Marquinhos in the middle, he questions whether Tuchel directly understands something about football. “Do you know anything about football? I read that you want a central defender to put Marquinhos in the middle. Let him find a midfielder …”

Shield / Flag PSG

Their lack of ideas or the absence of a model translates, according to them, into Neymar or Kyliandependence. “Tuchel gives them the field and waits for them to make a difference. If their rivals control Neymar or Mbappe, the team runs out of options. Thus, others never take the initiative “, both affirm. Precisely, these stars are the ones who consider that they have taken away the power of the dressing room. The German, they say, is tied hand and foot by granting so much freedom and the players are the ones who they have command.

Also, with complaints

“Tuchel is Calimero,” says Madar, who compares the coach to the cartoon chick who used to lament his bad luck. “If they treat their players badly, injuries, if they don't have the right squad … It's never their fault! At some point you have to question yourself. He's a bit like Rudi García,” he said. “For him, there are only good games. It's okay to defend your players but after a while …” they say about the last losses at the start of the season.

Nice will be PSG's next rival this Sunday. A new test for Tuchel, who has to want to turn around the criticism so as not to be singled out as 'guilty' again.