This Tuesday it was already commented on Telecinco that Marta Lopez Alamo y Kiko Matamoros they would pose in their top magazine dressed as grooms. That’s how it has been: this Wednesday, two days before their wedding in Madrid, we found ourselves on the cover of Lectures to the brand new bride showing her dress. The groom also poses, but indoors.

However, few expected makoke also on the same cover, with another report passed through the box and even eclipsing the bride herself and her dress. The Telecinco collaborator has stolen all the prominence from her and has taken the opportunity to announce that she will become a grandmother again thanks to her son, Javier Tudelaand his girlfriend, Marina Romero. They already became first-time parents in June 2021 and the time has come to expand the family.

Inside the magazine, Makoke has also posed with her son. But realistically, the center of attention is not on the future father but on what the commentator has to say about the wedding of her ex, from whom she separated in 2018 after more than twenty years together and after getting married in 2016. “I’m not going to see Kiko’s wedding. I’m not going to be in Spain. Besides, I’m not interested.” And she has finished: “Now that she is getting married by the Church, and with God as her witness, I hope that she does better and that she does not lie.”

On the other hand, he has talked about the disputes they have in court over the mortgage on the house they shared in La Finca, one of the most exclusive urbanizations in Madrid. She is seized by the Treasury and the daughter they have in common has lived there for some time, Anita Matamoroswho has no relationship with his father.

Makoke is confident that she will be victorious in this lawsuit: “We are going to wait for the trial to come out, for now, the investigation has gone very well […] I have the truth. It’s hard, yes, and you have to be strong, I can’t afford to be weak. There are people who want me to sink, but they are not going to get it “, she has sentenced.

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Makoke and her son have posed in the house of Javier Tudela father, where the two live with Marina. Tudela Sr. is also interested in buying the repossessed La Finca home. Everything so that Javier son and his girlfriend can have it if they need it one day, although at the moment it is not an easy task: “It is true that there was an intention to buy, but my house is in a situation that is not feasible right now , I would have to buy it for a value much higher than what the house is worth,” Tudela Jr. explained.