Tito Agustín ‘loads’ Anabel’s relationship with her aunt, Isabel Pantoja: no calls or messages

Although Anabel He has always boasted of having a wonderful relationship with his aunt, Isabel Pantoja, now things could have changed. The influencer is very hurt with the tonadillera because she has not been able to take an interest in her state after breaking up with Yulen Pereira.

This is what the magazine says Lectureswhich also focuses the origin of their estrangement on the American tour that the singer did a few months ago and in which her niece worked as part of the digital content creation team.

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To Elizabeth’s brother, Agustin, he was not amused by the “overexposure” to which Anabel subjected her aunt on social networks. Then, as soon as he returned to Spain and to her refuge in Cantora, she would have asked her sister to break off communication with Anabel because she “was harming him.”

And so did the mother of Kiko Rivera e One Pantoja. Not a call or a message to her niece, that she had to go to psychological therapy after putting an end to her courtship with the fencer. “I go to therapy first for me, second for me, and third for my mother,” Anabel herself declared last April. The ex-wife of Omar Sánchez is also facing a difficult moment after entering that Louis Vincent ‘Pinocchio’, his presumed brother, had presented a paternity suit in a court in Seville to prove that he is the biological son of Bernardo Pantoja.