The economy of Isabella Preysler it is going “as well as ever”, they assure us from the environment of the widow of Miguel Boyer. Thus, they deny information in which they ensured that the mother of Tamara Falco He had fired several employees from his Puerta de Hierro chalet to reduce expenses, given the supposed drop in his income as his advertising appearances decreased.

We have been able to verify that in the mansion on Avenida de Miraflores, in the Puerta de Hierro urbanization, habitual residence of the socialite of Filipino origin, follow the same service as alwayssome seven permanent employees plus other occasional ones for special celebrations. Besides, “His son Enrique would never allow his mother to go through the slightest economic hardship”, finish off our informants.

They are permanent, from the famous Ramona cook, the oldest, well known by Tamara Falcó; two cleaning ladies; a permanent driver; the dining room waiter and two gardeners. They have Social Security, their salaries are regular and according to former employees of the house, they have good salaries: “The lady pays well and she is very generous.”

By the way, the Latino personnel who work for Julio Iglesias y Miranda, at his home in Ojén, near Marbella, when they come to Spain on vacation: “They pay fatally, salaries from the Dominican Republic, that is, a pittance.”

Ana Boyer, Verdasco and the caretaker

At Isabel’s house they are staying almost permanently (when they are in Spain) her daughter Ana Boyer with her husband Fernando Verdasco and the two children of the marriage, who provide their own caregiver for the children and pay out of pocket. The social life at Preysler’s house continues as active as ever, Isabel has never been one to go out to many social events or frequent fashionable places in Madrid, she prefers receive at home and he does it very often and with a high level. He is a perfectionist and to receive as usual he needs a lot of people and to keep the one he has. If any of the workers leave because they change cities or get married, they are immediately replaced by another, although they confirm that people are happy with the “lady of the house” and they stay there for years.

Preysler is a Disney girl at 72 splendid years

The Disney series that has Isabel as the protagonist, will be broadcast at Christmas, she liked the project and it is not a life saver for the mother of the Presyler Iglesias.

“It is not going through its most buoyant moment,” people close to the queen of hearts had declared, after affirming Marisa Martin Blazquez, that he had fired several employees from his residence in Puerta de Hierro, to readjust his expenses in the coming months. According to the journalist, the wedding of her daughter and a decrease in his income from advertising work would have forced Preysler to tighten his belt.

Preysler has signed on with Disney to make a reality in true Kardashian style. “Isabel Preysler’s first project for a streaming service in Spain has started. Our protagonist opens the doors of her house to show us how she prepares for the most special time of the year,” the company announced last week. “It is not that she is stiff, but she accepted this project to have a breather,” said Marisa Martín Blázquez.