Aitana and Sebastián Yatra get into bed to promote their new project: the hottest images

The images of the former triumphant and the Colombian walking through the streets of Madrid holding hands confirmed what was already an open secret: Aitana Ocaña y Sebastian Yatra They resumed their romantic relationship five months after their high-profile breakup. This Wednesday, the Catalan singer surprised all of her fans with the preview of her new video clip hitwhich will be released on April 26, and in which it reveals the most intimate and lovey-dovey images of the couple: in bed, with little clothing and hugging each other in front of each other.

Some unusual images between Aitana and Yatra, who have always kept their relationship outside of media attention. However, with this new hitwhich takes its title from the Icelandic city where they stayed during a romantic getaway, the artist of You are going to stay and the Colombian shout their love from the four winds to finally seal their reconciliation: “Smile at me one more time, but I’m capable of extending this night, stay the night, next to me.”is the significant verse that Aitana would have dedicated to the singer.

For her part, Aitana already made clear a few days ago the good personal moment she is going through: “The only thing I can say is that I am very well, I am very well”, he expressed. However, the Colombian has not yet spoken publicly about his new stage with the artist.

It should be remembered that Aitana and Sebastián began their relationship shortly after she put an end to her love story with Miguel Bernardeauson of Ana Duato, with whom he was for four years. However, they met for the first time when she was participating in Operación Triunfo 2017, where as soon as he saw her he sang to her “Let him look at her and tell her ‘I love you’ again.” After passing through the musical format, they cultivated a close friendship that ended with Yatra moving to Madrid in the middle of last year. This is how their relationship began until in November 2023, after a short-lived but intense year of dating, they announced their breakup.