The new Survivor bomb: Finito and Ana Hermina, Ángel Cristo’s wife, were together!

He has become one of the characters of the moment in the world of colorín. His relationship with Angel Christ Jr He has taken her out of her anonymity and she is delighted. Almost no one knew of her existence until Bárbara Rey’s son, whose signing for the reality show we previewed, told a series of things about her mother that were unknown and that revolutionized the news of the heart. A few days later she did not shy away from the microphones and spoke. Since then, she has become one of the Telecinco universe. Ana Herminia She has attended several programs as an interviewee, she has confronted and challenged her mother-in-law, the wife of the most famous trainer in Spain, and she has sat down to defend the son of the featured on the set of Survivors.

There he met again with Finite of Córdoba. Yes again. As Informalia has learned, Ángel Cristo Jr’s girlfriend and the bullfighter have known each other for years. “I think before he started dating Aranxa del Sol, but I couldn’t assure you,” they reveal to us. And with this Survivors They have met again. In fact, Ana revealed that before heading to Honduras, they spoke with Finito and he asked Bárbara Rey’s son to take care of his wife on the island.

That is why Arantxa and Ángel supported each other in the first weeks of the contest. So much so that when Ángel decided to declare war on all the contestants, his only support on the island was Arantxa. But from one day to the next he began to not even want to speak to her. Although he has not given specific reasons for this behavior, he has said that he considers that he has betrayed him.

Something very strong that she has not verbalized

This change in attitude towards Bárbara Rey’s son has caught the attention of locals and strangers. In theory, or at least the version that Kike Calleja has given, is that he told Arantxa that Ángel, who until then was her great friend on the island, criticized her behind her back. However, journalist Ángela Portero, a faithful defender of Ángel Cristo on television sets, is leaving some clues: “I am beginning to suspect that Arantxa has been told something very strong that she has not verbalized.”. Because they tell you that Ángel said that she didn’t do anything and that she preferred Kike to stay over her, no one would get like that. Something more personal?”

But it’s not the only one. Rocío Madrid made the following reflection: “I think there is information that we are missing. I know Arantxa and she would not have such a brutal change of attitude with Ángel if it were not for something that has hurt her very much. There is some information that we don’t know, because for her to get like this is because something has happened, which she knows is true and has hurt her a lot. But the key point lies in another comment from Ángela Portero: “Have you noticed that they said that Kike already came with information from Madrid about Arantxa?” And it seems that she is not wrong, because Arantxa herself commented something about it: “Kike has told me things about Ángel that are absolutely lies,” to continue with “It is very false, he is simply not right in the head.” What information is Ángela Portero referring to? What has Kike Calleja told you that is absolutely a lie? What information from Madrid about Arantxa is Ángela Portero referring to? How did Ana Hermida and Finito de Córdoba know each other?

“We have been together for 25 years. We met at a charity soccer match that was actors against bullfighters, a friend introduced us,” he said. Aranxa del Sol recognizing that that meeting did not go any further, but that fate made them meet again: “A few years passed and we met again on a program doing a Christmas special. I had just gotten out of a relationship and I was not in the clearest head either.” well, but I was with my repre talking and he told me: ‘I like that boy for you’ and he took out his phone number.” “I called him first,” says the woman from Madrid. And until now. Ana Hermida is now 42 years old. 25 years ago she was between 18. Now she is only missing that Bertín Osborne evokes those years in which he presented The Battle of the Stars with Arantxa del Sol.