Don Juan Carlos raised expectations of being reunited with his son Don Felipe when he said “surely” to the media, leaving the door open to that reunion in Galicia. But it was not like that. Chance would have it that his agendas, one private (that of the emeritus) and the other official (that of the King), coincided almost in the same place on the same day. The two kings were separated by 14.9 kilometers (17 minutes by car). From Sanxenxo to La Toja. However, they did not see each other.

It is no reunion It is also part of the very discreet script that has been designed for the emeritus king every time he visits Spain. The four times he has traveled to Sanxenxo it has been for sporting reasons to compete in regattas; and in a private format. A meeting of the two kings would have gone beyond that script and would have raised the news expectation to the highest level. And above all, in this political context of a Congress that votes this Friday in the second round of the investiture of Alberto Núñez Feijoó as a candidate for the Presidency of the Government. Candidacy doomed to failure. That “surely” remained a wish of the emeritus.

However, on this occasion we have once again seen the former head of state smiling and happy accompanied by his Borbón family: his sister Margarita, his nephews Alfonso and María, and little Carlos, 5 years old, son of María and godson of the same. Don Juan Carlos, with whom he had some very affectionate gestures in the port.

Stepping on Spanish soil makes the emeritus especially excited. The self-exile of Abu Dhabi, where he has lived for three years, causes that nostalgia and provokes that intensity of enjoying his loved ones, the hugs of his family and a dinner at a seafood restaurant very close to La Toja.

Juan Carlos I competes in the eighth edition of the regatta that bears his name, Rey Juan Carlos I – El Corte Inglés Master, and which begins this Friday, September 29. The arrival of his daughter Elena is expected. This will not be the last regatta of the season. In the Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo calendar there are still two more marked: the V Circuit of the 6mR class of the Spanish Cup, between October 21 and 22; and another Spanish Cup competition on November 25 and 26. The first appointment is strategically placed: it coincides with the Exemplary Town Award of the Princess of Asturias, which will be presented by her granddaughter Leonor in Villaviciosa. Furthermore, days later, on the 31st of that month, the emeritus will attend the private party to be held at El Pardo, in Madrid, on the occasion of the heiress’s 18th birthday.