This Thursday, Tamara Falcó announced her engagement to Íñigo Onieva and about 24 hours later a video was released in which the car designer appeared making out with another. It has been a difficult day for the Marchioness of Griñón, who has asked her fiancé for explanations, but finally everything has been clarified. According to Íñigo, the controversial images belong to 2019.

After the tidal wave caused, the two have reappeared this Friday afternoon, after half past seven in the afternoon. They have gone together to the wedding of some friends and have gotten out of the car holding hands. The Madrilenian has given explanations to the press regarding what happened.

“We are very happy. It is a pity that there are always people who try to skin our relationship. The images are from 2019. They want to get this out now…”, Íñigo himself has confessed. In this sense, he has insisted on the veracity of his version: “I love Tamara madly and we are going to get married regardless of who weighs. They are always bringing out invented things. It is sad that this special moment is crushed.”

Tamara has thrown the ball to him and has been shown in the background. When Kike Calleja, a reporter for Save me, has asked him if he would forgive an infidelity, he has replied: “Are we crazy or what?”. Later they have entered the wedding of the friends and have closed this unpleasant chapter.

The daughter of Isabel Preysler and Carlos Falcó unveiled this Thursday in the anthill some details of your wedding. She is getting married on June 17 at the house of her missing father, the El Rincón palace. There are still nine months left…