Crisis in the TVE news programs: they fall to their worst figure of the season, advanced by Informativos Telecinco and beaten by Antena 3

There are two leagues in the current television context: the Champions League, in which Antena 3, an outstanding leader for 30 months, competes, and another where TVE and Telecinco fight for second place. That tie is no longer such, because the Mediaset channel has taken advantage over the public channel and has established itself in second position in the ranking. The same thing happened in April in the area of ​​news, where one of the most significant changes of the month occurred: Telecinco News has hunted down the La 1 Newscasts, which are now third.

Above them is Antena 3 Noticias, which has no rival and sweeps for another month (and there are 55). It wins with 18.6% and 1,933,000 viewers on average. The domain is absolute in all editions. Behind, at a great distance, are the new News telecinco (10.8%), which for the first time since they were renewed manage to surpass TVE (10.3%) and do so with a gap of half a point. Public broadcaster news reports its worst data of the season and that is a problem for a channel that should aspire to be an informative reference.

The La 1 Newscasts fall to third position in all their editions. Marta Carazo, at the head of the 9:00 p.m. edition, remains with 9.7%, behind Franganillo (10.1%) and light years behind Vicente Vallés, who sweeps with 17.9%.

At 3:00 p.m. the same thing happens. Alejandra Herranz (10.9% for Telediario 1) cannot beat Ángeles Blanco and Isabel Jiménez (11.7% for Informativos Telecinco). But beyond that fight, Sandra Golpe is the owner of the strip, with an impressive 22.6% in Antena 3 News 1, the news program with the most share on television.

On the weekend, the situation repeats itself. The news program presented by Lara Siscar and Igor Gómez on La 1 barely scores 10.3% after dinner, sunk by the disastrous audience it makes D Heart. At that time, News telecinco (David Cantero, Leticia Iglesias, Pepe Ribagorda) scores 10.7%, while Antena 3 (Matías Prats and Mónica Carrillo) beats its rivals with 20%. At night, they are also leaders (12%), compared to 10.4% for Telecinco and 10.2% for La 1.