Froilanthe son of the Infanta Elena y Jaime de Marichalar, He turned 25 on July 17 and his father says he has settled down. The eldest of the grandchildren of the emeritus, he is fourth in the line of succession to the Spanish Crown, behind his mother and his cousins. Infanta Sofia and the Princess Eleanor, happens to be the “favorite” of the Don Juan Carlos but since he was very little he became the enfant terrible of the King’s family, first for his commented antics, then for his complicated relationship with his studies, and later for his partying behavior, mixed in various affairs and even events that gave him an undesirable public image.

But little by little she was his little sister, Victoria Federica, who was born on September 9, 2000, who gradually gained ground in the media, becoming a regular in magazines, parties, and photocalls, with a romantic life and several boyfriends who became objects of desire for gossip. homeland, whether they were DJs or bullfighters.

Both Froilán and Victoria Federica have lived most of their existence in a family with separated parents. The first-born was 12 years old when the Infanta and Jaime de Marichalar divorced, but in reality they had stopped being a marriage much earlier. In fact, the little girl has hardly any memories of her childhood with her parents together: she was five years old when the Duchess of Lugo broke up with Marichalar, but that ‘temporary cessation of coexistence, which led to a definitive breakup, began shortly after her second was born. daughter.

Whether or not it had anything to do with the aforementioned behavior of her children, long before the youngest child became influencer royal, Froilán made headlines for his antics and funny moments, his mediocre career as a student (he came second in ESO) and for other anecdotes, such as when at just 15 years old he started working in public relations at the Madrid nightclub Joy Eslava. Then came more sordid and less funny affairs because he went from being a teenager to a young man of the night sometimes splashed in events, perhaps by being in the wrong place at the most inopportune time.

Maintains the thread of affection with Mar Torres

Sentimentally, his longest relationship was with Mar Torres, granddaughter of the founder of El Pozo sausages. They began dating in 2014, but broke up 3 years later. In 2017 they resumed their relationship. Finally, they put an end to their love story before de-escalation. However, some sources say that they are very fond of each other and have seen each other without revealing it on many occasions, even recently.

But now they assure us that that naughty child and difficult student, that quarrelsome party animal, has matured a lot in Abu Dhabi where he moved to work and be under the supervision of his grandfather, King Juan Carlos. There he celebrated his birthday this year with friends.

Froilán went to live in Abu Dhabi at the beginning of 2023. There he lives near his grandfather, King Juan Carlos, with whom he has a very close relationship, because he sees him frequently and they talk often. He has tried to lead a quiet life by working.

They say from Froilán’s family environment that the eldest nephew of Don Felipe and Doña Letizia has left the days of scandals and controversies behind and is much more focused. But it is Jaime de Marichalar who corroborates the good news: “We are very happy with him,” his father told us.

After graduating from Virginia in September 2017, he began his university studies at CIS The College for International Studies, a private American center located on Velázquez Street in Madrid. Her family relationships and the degree she obtained, despite her academic ups and downs, have allowed her to make the leap into the world of work. “He goes out little and works a lot,” they tell us from Froilán’s family environment. The Abu Dhabi operation to center the grandson of Don Juan Carlos and keep him away from the spotlight, “it has been a success because he has done a lot of his part,” they assure us.

This summer Froilán barely enjoyed his vacation days and, unlike other years, he reduced his trips and leisure time. He was in Marbella, where he visited Starlite, with his sister Victoria. Of course he found days to be with his mother, who is very proud of her son’s change. He travels for work and whenever he can and passes through Madrid he has family gatherings.

But above all, he is showing “very good” behavior in Abu Dhabi and at work, they assure us, involved in the tasks assigned to him and very involved in the next Climate Summit to be held in Dubai on November 30. This is what his father tells it, who finally receives good news after years of pranks and froilanadas.