It is Alberto Núñez-Feijóo’s big date in the Cortes. He has opened the session of an investiture that mathematics considers to have failed. The president of the PP does not have the calculations to achieve governability. He has scratched 172 seats and it does not give the cutoff mark (176). The candidate for the Presidency of the Government began his speech in Congress after 12:00 in the morning on Tuesday the 26th.

He has been supported by the regional presidents of his party and also by his girlfriend, Eva Cárdenas. His assistance gives the Galician wings. Eva was in the guest gallery. Feijóo came out to the arena “calm and with high morale”, according to reports from Genoa. He has scripted his speech on an anti-amnesty message.

The entire coalition government has sat on the blue bench, with Pedro Sánchez and his vice presidents Nadia Calviño, Yolanda Díaz and Teresa Ribera.

Feijóo was received by applause from his people as soon as he entered the chamber. Among the regional presidents of Pepero were the Andalusian Juanma Moreno Bonilla, the Galician Alfonso Rueda, the Madrid-born Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the Valencian Carlos Mazón and the Castilian-León Alfonso Fernández Mañueco. The mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has also joined. Almeida has precisely been one of Cárdenas’s interlocutors. Also, Moreno Bonilla. Eva Cárdenas, who sports a medium-length hair of a lighter tone, had slight surfer waves.

L’Oreal and Zara Home

Eva Cárdenas, 58 years old, has a degree in Economics and Industrial Design from the University of Santiago and has a master’s degree in Business Administration. After her time at the cosmetic giant L’Oreal, Eva joined Inditex. She ran Zara Home for 15 years since its inception, in 2003. In 2013 she began her relationship with Núñez Feijóo, with whom she has a son, Alberto, 6 years old.

Together with his daughter Gabriela, the result of his first marriage, he formed Niebla Azul and jumped into the real estate market. Starting in 2020, he signed with Sargadelos, a ceramic house from Lugo whose highly valued designs have reached the MOMA in New York. It is very rare to see Eva at an official event. Except for exceptions, such as Feijóo’s investiture as president of the Xunta de Galicia or the election night of 23-J.