Julián Muñoz prepares his posthumous revenge against Isabel Pantoja: everything will be known when he is gone and it only affects her

The story of Isabel Pantoja y Julian Muñoz It is that of an unexpected romance that ended with a resounding breakup with all the necessary ingredients to establish itself in the deepest Iberian memory: the love passion between one of the most famous women, the widow of Paquirri, the widow of Spain, and a politician. very controversial even before his goings-on were known, and an adultery displayed to the point of absurdity with cloying images and corruption. But above all because of the story of the rise and fall from grace of the protagonists and the revenge of the scorned woman, the trials and prison. Now comes another revenge. Or so Julián Muñoz says.

“He has always liked to write and has been doing it for a long time. For many years Julián has had the habit of always writing everything. He has written it from his own forgiveness, it is a beautiful thing and there are many people in those pages. I guess it will be me “, warning Mayte Zaldívar a few days ago from the set of DeViernes and then, of course, the bomb arrived because Isabel Pantoja, of course, is in those pages: “The people who were in her life are within those pages. I am not here to judge anyone, I think that is what she has experienced. “If it’s bad and someone feels harmed, it will be their problem.” And for a good understander, few words are enough.

Julián Muñoz is very ill, he suffers from “galloping cancer”, as he himself said a few weeks ago during a walk through Marbella, after requesting voluntary discharge from the hospital where he was admitted for more than three weeks, in Marbella. The former mayor prefers to continue with outpatient treatment at the home of his daughter Heloísa until God decides. It is there where Julián Muñoz “prepares his revenge against Isabel Pantoja”, they tell us. In those pages that she has been writing for so long, she talks about her life, “her whole life,” they insist, and in it there is all room for those years she spent with Isabel Pantoja that she regrets so much,” they point out.

According to a person very close to the former mayor, Julián has written everything he knows and does not want to take with him all the problems he suffered with Pantoja and that led them to jail, among other things, because he believes that the tonadillera did not behave well and has very angry. Proof of this is Mayte Zaldívar’s phrase from a few days ago on television: “If it is bad and someone feels harmed, that is their problem.” Besides, When all these pages are published, he will no longer be there to assume possible consequences or complaints, which is why he has not done it before.

Barely six years of love, corruption and torment

In reality, Kiko Rivera’s mother and Jesús Gil’s successor were together from 2003 to 2009. It is assumed that everything has been said, the sentences have been served and there was even a docuseries, but now, right around the time of that Rocío 21 years ago, a Julián Muñoz with his health at the limit, advances some memories that according to his surroundings could end up destroying the battered image of Isabel Pantoja.

The tonadillera, who was 46 years old in May 2003, and Julián Muñoz, nine years older, enjoyed a very difficult romance from the beginning. After her relationship with Diego Gómez, Francisco Rivera’s widow began dating the then mayor of Marbella, which generated a stir because the politician was married to Mayte Zaldívar. On February 28 of that year, the artist attended the institutional flag-raising ceremony in Marbella on the occasion of Andalusia Day, starring in the first images alongside Julián Muñoz and Mayte Zaldivar.

Muñoz explained that Isabel was “a friend of the family” and on March 17 the artist sponsored an Air Europa company plane with the name of the city and went as a guest to the Andalusia pavilion during the Tourism Fair (Fitur) in Madrid). Days later, they could be seen together at the La Candelaria party.

The rumors and media pressure became unsustainable. “There has been a lot of speculation about this issue and many atrocities have been said. My wife has not filed any request for separation, because we have no intention of separating,” said Julián Muñoz at the end of March 2003. He lied, of course: she herself Isabel, while under oath, during the trial for the Malaya case, confessed, when asked by the judge, the exact moment in which their relationship began: “It was in 2003, on Candlemas on March 19, Saint Joseph’s Day. But that relationship was not consolidated, I want to make it very clear, because he told me that he was separated, but I didn’t believe it,” she said, sitting on the bench, not on a television set. “So, in El Rocío of 2003, In June, in the morning, before leaving my house in El Rocío, she appeared with her lawyer and the document that certified that she had filed for divorce,” she said before the court trying her.

“Corruption in Marbella”

The scandalous images in El Rocío that year belong to the great history of the heart. The magazine QMD, even then, published a low cover with the mayor and his girlfriend in a buggy, kissing, and with the headline “Corruption in Marbella”, a preview of what would come later. They were seen together in Cantora but also in El Arenal, Julián Muñoz’s town in Avila. Hand in hand and between kisses and tears, they said goodbye together to Rocío Jurado in a wake full of media. Three years later, Julián Muñoz went to prison. The former mayor was arrested in 2006 and sentenced to 20 years in prison for several cases of urban corruption investigated in ‘Operation Malaya’.

Isabel Pantoja had to endure various criticisms and accusations after visiting her boyfriend in prison. And in February 2009, after strong rumors of separation, Isabel Pantoja confirmed the breakup: “My relationship with Julián has ended. It has been a very painful decision,” she said in an exclusive paid for by Hola magazine. “There came a time when something happened that was the biggest mistake that Julián could have made with me: lying to me. And I have never forgiven the deception,” she said. It would be just one more of the many times he has sold his life. In December 2009, she went further, also with a check: “When I broke up with Julián, I had not stopped loving him: my heart was stronger than my head,” she said. “I want Julián to completely forget that I exist and to leave me alone. Don’t name me again. If not, I’m also going to name him,” he warned. The singer also alluded to her own judicial problems. “I have faith in Justice; I’m waiting. What I do say is that I am calm, very calm, because I have not done anything.” Isabel Pantoja entered prison on November 21, 2014 for money laundering. On March 2, 2016, he was released from prison on parole.

Julián Muñoz barely spent five years in prison due to his delicate state of health. Two and a half years ago he was paroled for “serious and incurable illness” and sent a message to his ex. “Everyone in this life has to carry their saddlebags. “I don’t know if he has financial problems or not and, honestly, I’m not interested or worried either.”