The ugly of Paz Padilla and Chenoa to journalist Iván Reboso at their wedding

He had been preparing for months for his connection with John Crisol. A grand celebration to celebrate that you love each other. The enclave, La Casa de la Panadería of the Madrid City Council, the catering, the alliances, the honeymoon trip and, of course, the careful list of guests, among which there were very prominent names from television such as Emma García, Rosa López, María Verdoy, Rosa Benito, Rosario Mohedano and, of course, his party mates, like Amor Romeira, Luis Rollan, Makoke, Bethlehem Rodriguez, Adriana Doronsoro and Leticia Requejoamong others.

But on that guest list there were two names that were very important to Reboso: Chenoa and Paz Padilla, and neither of them finally attended the meeting. Iván was counting on his presence until minutes before the party, but he was disappointed when he saw that neither of his two friends came to see him say yes, I want. To honor the truth, Iván is much closer to Chenoa, with whom he has maintained a beautiful friendship for years and was even one of the witnesses of their union, but Iván had to keep his sadness to himself so as not to ruin the most important day. of his life when he saw that he did not appear.

Padilla’s case was similar; The comedian received the invitation and even talked about her friend’s relationship in a recent interview on the set of Fiesta, but when the moment of truth arrived, no trace of her. What’s more, the next day, that is, Saturday, she did attend the wedding of other friends with her daughter. Anna and even uploaded the photos to his Instagram account.

Iván and Joan barely commented on what happened and when they did it was very correct but the truth is that their words showed that they were missing. Even so, they both really enjoyed one of the best days of their lives. The party in Chicote lasted until 10:00 p.m. and then continued at a nearby venue. The next day, the couple packed their bags and headed to Lisbon where they will spend their honeymoon.