Ana Rosa’s producer denies that the presenter has asked Mediaset to leave the afternoons

Ana Rosa Quintana has not asked the leadership of Mediaset to withdraw from TardeARas announced Diego Arrabal this Sunday through his YouTube channel. Following the information from the paparazzi, Ana Rosa’s producer has denied to this digital that the presenter has asked Mediaset to leave Telecinco’s afternoons.

For his part, the former collaborator of Live life He stated that the veteran journalist announced to her bosses the decision to leave and that, since she broke the news, Ana Rosa has received pressure from Mediaset leadership. “Ana Rosa Quintana a few weeks ago announced to her bosses, to the leadership of Mediaset, her intention to leave, to abandon that daily program with so much competition. Ana Rosa has received, since she communicated it, pressures, pleas, both from the leadership and from her friend Xelo Montesinos.“Arrabal stated on his YouTube channel.

Likewise, the paparazzi has assured that Ana Rosa already has planned what to do when supposedly abandoning the Telecinco afternoon ship. “Ana Rosa already knows what she wants to do. And she wants to abandon ship TardeAR. What she has decided in recent days is that, in any case, she What she would like and be willing to do for her production company and her network is to present The critical look, the program that runs from 9:00 to 10:30 in the morning. A political program that is currently presented by Ana Terradillos and that is what is on the table at this moment. She wants to abandon the afternoon, go in the morning, with a softer competition and have a calmer and calmer life“said Arrabal.

Given these statements by Diego Arrabal, Unicorn, Ana Rosa’s producer, has denied to this digital that the journalist is going to leave TardeAR. Also, Unicorn Content has assured that the information provided by Arrabal about Ana Rosa Quintana is false.