Edwin Arrieta can’t defend himself. Unfortunately, the Colombian doctor was murdered and dismembered in Thailand on August 2, allegedly at the hands of Daniel Sancho. The surgeon cannot speak in his defense but the information provided this Monday by a third person on the Sonsoles Ónega program gives a twist to the investigation. Luis, as the man who exposed his testimony on Antena 3 calls himself, reveals that he was harassed, threatened and blackmailed by the doctor. He denounced the events, which date back to 2005, as stated by the Colombian prosecutor’s office: “I feel identified with Daniel Sancho, I could have killed him too,” has said now.

He claims that they met in a bar and exchanged phone numbers: “I got scared when the number of calls began to increase. He called me up to 140 times a day”. Luis told Edwin that he did not want to have any relationship with him, not even a friendship, and everything got worse: “He blackmailed me by killing me, by harming my family, by making a scandal at my work…”. And she even attacked him physically: “He caused injuries that left me incapacitated for days. Here I even have the scar from a bite…”. Luis admits: “I felt identified with Daniel Sancho, because I could have killed Edwin too.”

This is a story that takes on vital importance in the case of the Spanish chef, as it reinforces his statement about the reasons that led him to murder Arrieta. Daniel revealed to the police that he felt “in a glass cage”, that he wanted to break his relationship with the surgeon but he would not allow it. “He forced me to break up with my girlfriend and do things I never thought I could do. He threatened to publish images of us and cause a scandal to ruin the reputation of my father, my family.”

Daniel Sancho pleaded guilty to having killed and dismembered Edwin Arrieta on August 2 on the island of Koh Panghan. Five days later, after participating in the reconstruction of the events, he entered the Koh Samui prison, where he remains to this day. Police accuse him of premeditated murder, a crime punishable by capital punishment in Thailand. He is expected to begin trial next January.