The mother of Nacho Palau, former mother-in-law of Miguel Bosé, dies: “Thank you for having been the best mother in the world”

Lola Medina He died this Wednesday at the age of 76 after several years fighting cancer, an illness that he ‘shared’ with his son. Nacho Palau He has said goodbye to his mother through a brief but emotional message on social networks: “Rest in peace and thank you for being the best mom in the world, I couldn’t be more proud and grateful.”

The relationship between Lola and Nacho was very close, even more so since the Valencian sculptor separated from Miguel Bose after more than 20 years of relationship and returned to her homeland to raise her two children, a challenge for which she had the full support of her mother. It was she who took care of the little ones when Nacho participated in Survivors and also the one who defended him tooth and nail from the sets of Mediaset. Lola also became her son’s best support when, in the summer of 2022, lung cancer was detected. The disease was not unknown in the family: Lola herself had already fought against one in her breast. She relapsed a few months ago: “This new relapse has hit her hard. She is terrible”he said a few weeks ago in From Friday.

The artist, who is devastated, has received numerous expressions of affection and support through social networks from well-known faces such as María Patiño (“I am very sorry. Your mother was and is wonderful”), Rosa Benito (“I am very sorry Nacho, today the sky will have a special color, brighter, bluer”) or Asraf Beno (I’m very sorry Nacho. A lot of strength).