The trial against Daniel Sancho ends: the sentence will be known on August 29

Seen for sentence. The trial of Daniel Sancho It ended this Thursday at the Koh Samui provincial court, before noon, Thai time. The accused for the murder of the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta He defended his innocence for 45 minutes – with translation included – and shared some expressions of compassion towards the victim’s family. She has apologized repeatedly.

In this latest hearing, Rodolfo Sancho’s son has taken advantage of his right to the last word and has once again attacked the police, insisting that they set a trap for him. He assures that there was no premeditation or even murder since, in his words, he hit the victim in self-defense, as he already stressed last Tuesday. Thus, He only admits to having dismembered and scattered the corpse of his friend.

To do this he used, as is known, instruments such as a saw, which he had previously bought, according to him, with the intention of “cutting coconuts”, according to reports from The vanguard. To prove it, the young man’s defense had summoned a Thai chef, willing to demonstrate that the saw is part of the kitchen arsenal in Thailand for exotic cuisines. However, the cook has not appeared in court.

After three weeks of trial, the prosecution and the private prosecution continue to consider that there was premeditated murder and the defense maintains the innocence of their client, guilty, in any case, of involuntary manslaughter.

Upon leaving the court, Rodolfo Sancho thanked the defense for its work, which “has done everything possible and more.” “To those who have presented me as inhuman, I say that it is a lie that I did not present my condolences to the family in Colombia. It was the first thing I did,” said the actor. For her part, the mother of the accused, Silvia Bronchalo, has also criticized the media, which she has called “liars.”

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