The woes that Dwight Howard seem to have gone away. He has cleared all the waivers and is signed by Los Angeles Lakers. The NBA has confirmed that the contract has been signed. However, there seem to be a few strange things in the “contract”.

There are reports that he will be signed in what is called a “Summer Contract”. This would clearly mean that the contract would be of the non guaranteed. He would be paid $14,490 for every appearance that he will show on the roster. This will begin with effect from October 21.

This will be the second season for Howard with Lakers. We do not think he would be able to play many new options in the days to come. He has been an NBA veteran and has also been an eight-time all-star centre. He now returns to Lakers after a gap of six years.

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The entry of Howard into the Lakers roster has been quite sudden and perhaps seen as an emergency. The replacement was the result of the vacancy created by DeMarcus Cousins who had to go through a knee injury.

It would be interesting to note that Dwight Howard has not played any game since last November after he has gone through spinal surgery. However, he is seen as an interesting addition to the team with his average of 17.4 points, 12.7 rebounds and 2.0 blocked shots per game.