Bielsa, saddened by the early elimination in the Carabao Cup

The Leeds of Marcelo bielsa they fell in the Carabao Cup (League Cup) to a Third, Hull City. After finishing the game at Ellan Road with a 1-1 draw and a goal from Rodrigo Moreno, the Peacocks lost 8-9 on an agonizing 20-shot penalty shootout. The former Athletic coach regretted the early elimination of this competition in the second round.

The one from Rosario, in his summary of what happened, pointed out that “it was not a good game for our team, we did not defend or attack well.” He also commented that “collectively, the team had no coordination and it was also difficult for us to win the individual suits. In the divided balls we were not forceful ”.

Bielsa He stressed that “the construction of the offensive game is the responsibility of the whole team, and the solution of defensive problems is the responsibility of the whole team. I don't think it's about individual responsibilities. We did not defend well, not because we lacked experience, but because the team in general failed to worsen the opponent's offensive game. And not having attacked well, it is not because we did not manage to impose the experience of the offensive players, but because between all of us we were not able to create imbalances ”.

Leeds presented a substitute formation with young promises, with nine players under 21 years of age, thinking about Saturday's game against Fulham on the second day of the Premier, after offering a good show at the start against Liverpool despite the 4 -3 against.

The Argentine, who changed the eleven players with respect to the previous League clash, was sad about the elimination. “Of course, I would have liked very much to be able to remain in the competition, I am sad that we were eliminated. I feel responsible for the defeat. In preparing the entire group that played, I imagined that we were going to achieve more than we produced. When the coach thinks that the team is in a position to overcome the rival and does not succeed, in some way I feel responsible for the deficit in the team's performance, “he said.

Bielsa He added that “the team was made up of players to imagine a better performance than we achieved. The deficiencies were of articulation between the individuals. And when there are errors in the relationship between the components of the different lines, that corresponds to the area of ​​the coach, who is the one in charge of organizing the team. That is why I am saddened and I feel responsible for such an early elimination ”.