Baskonia examines its possibilities in the colista's court

MADRID, Jan. 14 (SportsFinding) –

Kirolbet Baskonia will visit this Wednesday the Zenit of St. Petersburg (6:00 p.m.), a Euroleague colist, on the 19th day of the maximum European competition, a match to examine their options and try to add their first home victory in more than a month .

The double European day this week makes Baskonia not move from Russia, first to measure itself with Zenit and later with CSKA. Fourteenth in the classification (7-11) to two victories of eighth place, these two commitments can serve as a boost or further complicate your situation in the table.

His Russian journey, which will end next week receiving the Khimki, begins in the field of Zenit, a club that has only been able to score a single victory at home throughout the season. The other four have gone far from St. Petersburg to seal a balance of 5-13 and share the caboose with Zalgiris Kaunas and Alba Berlin.

The Baskonia, which has only added one victory in the last five days of the Euroleague, aims to continue growing after its solid league victory in the Herbalife Gran Canaria field (72-89), but one more day it must be done without the injured Luca Vildoza, Patricio Garino and Jayson Granger.

On the other hand, Zenit also suffers a significant loss, that of the Mexican center Gustavo Ayón, who will be out for an indefinite time due to an injury to the posterior hip muscle. In this way, the Spanish coach Joan Plaza loses his best indoor asset, essential for his team to be the one that takes the most offensive rebounds in the entire Euroleague, more than 12 per game. In the only precedent, disputed in November, local victory in Vitoria (70-60).



ZENIT: Khvostov, Voronov, Ponitka, Zubkov and Iverson – possible initial quintet–; Albicy, Hollins, Abromaitis, Thomas, Pushkov, Renfroe and Ponkrashov.

KIROLBET BASKONIA: Henry, Janning, Shields, Shengelia and Eric – possible initial quintet–; Stauskas, Fall, Diop, Polonara, García, López and González.

– ARBITRATORS: Latisevs, Panther and Vilius.

– PAVILION: Sibur Arena.

– HOUR: 18.00 / DAZN.