Atlético registers Manu, Carrasco and Morata in LaLiga … as signings

Atlético de Madrid
has officially registered in The league, this September 22, to three new ‘signings’. This is a necessary documentary process for what is coming, the start of the competition.

In this sense, the website of The league has registered the signing of Alvaro Morata, of Manu Sanchez and of Yannick Carrasco. It has its explanation. In the case of the Madrid striker, because the rojiblanco team finished paying for him in this period and he already appears as a player as a transfer.

A necessary step to consummate the pertinent signing for the

Juventus of Turin
and that all documentation is in order. In the case of Yannick
Carrasco, because a few weeks ago his signing was consummated, from the Dalian Professional. Atlético will pay 27 million euros for him.

And finally, in the case of Manu Sanchez because he is already a full-fledged first team player. The youth squad also renewed a few days ago. For now, the Athletic has signed him up so he can get hold of him in this weekend's game against him Pomegranate, In case Simeone deems it appropriate.

His definitive presence in the first team for the coming season will depend on the final configuration of the squad, on whether the Athletic can close to Mathías Olivera, for which he negotiated. The matter is very entrenched so it should come as no surprise that the player follows the orders of Simeone for the season.

For their part, those who still do not appear on the payroll are still Ivo Grbic, neither Victor Mollejo neither Nehuén Pérez. In the case of the Croatian, it is what is most urgent because he is the second goalkeeper of this course. It is understood that it will be before the league premiere.

Also in the case of the youth squad, whose final participation in the first team will depend in the same way on its final configuration. In any case, the fact of registering the players does not entail anything, it is a necessary formality to be able to compete. Then, if they were transferred to other clubs, their new teams would proceed to do the same.