Leonor, her speech from the heart in Zaragoza: “I feel like one more Aragonese, one more skill”

The princess of Asturias and Girona lived her big day in Zaragoza. The third stop of this triple distinction (Medal of the Cortes, Adoptive Daughter of Zaragoza and Medal of Aragon) took place in the Cathedral of San Salvador in the Aragonese capital. Once the president of the community, Jorge Azcón, has presented her with her distinction, the eldest daughter of the Kings has taken her word.

It was a speech from the heart. With some close words that fit the writing of her mother, the Queen, Leonor has received all her honors in Zaragoza. The Kings were very present in her intervention: “I came with many expectations because of everything my father had told me,” she began.

“In Zaragoza, in Aragon, I have felt at homewelcomed and accompanied in a land that will always be part of my life. There are only five weeks left for me to leave, for me to receive my ensign’s office, and I’m already starting to miss you!“He stressed, addressing his fellow cadets of the Academy. “Here I have met young people of my generation and I have lived with them. What we experienced while we trained at the Academy unites us forever and makes us mature and grow thanks to camaraderie,” she continued.

Leonor has once again mentioned Don Felipe, who acts as a guide during his military training at the General Academy of Zaragoza: “My father experienced it in a similar way almost 40 years ago and these days we have talked a lot about it. Follow in his footsteps it means a lot to me”. He ended with a greeting: “Thank you Zaragoza. Thank you Aragón. Thank you to all of you who have made it possible for me to feel more Aragonese and more skilled during this time.”