Ortega Cano has financial problems: his house is on the verge of seizure due to a debt that exceeds 100,000 euros

Bad times for Rocío Jurado’s widower. At 70 years old, Ortega Cano is facing serious financial problems due to debts that it has carried for a long time and that exceed the amount of 100,000 euros. His ex, Ana María Aldónalready revealed a few weeks ago that the father of her son did not always comply with his obligations regarding child support and his return to the ring is not due to nostalgia, as the matador himself has made believe, but rather to a need. monetary.

According to the magazine Readingsthe situation goes back a long way, since in 2018 they pointed out that Ana María Aldón’s participation in Survivors It was due to financial problems in the marriage. The right-hander’s situation became complicated after the divorce. In 2021, he acquired a debt with the city council for unpaid taxes, to which was added a guarantee that the bullfighter granted to a very close staff to request a bank loan in order to open a business. Things did not go well and Ortega Cano has ended up paying for this failed investment. “He has a significant asset, but since 2016 he has not presented the balance sheet of his companies, three. So we assume that he has not earned anything,” said the director of the publication in TardeAR.

For the last three years, Ortega Cano has received seizure notices for his house in Fuente del Fresno, which he restored with his ex-partner. The first arrived in 2021, due to a debt of 53,000 with the city council of the Madrid population. The second appeared on his doorstep in 2023, with a number that amounted to 62,000 euros after several negotiations with two bullfighting companies. The third, related to the aforementioned guarantee.

Back to the rings

As we said, Ortega Cano has once again put on the suit of lights to celebrate his 50 years of profession. After seven years of inactivity, he jumped into the ring on May 12 in Villanueva de la Fuente to confront a bull in front of an exceptional spectator: his son José María, with whom he went around the square after finishing the task. . He also received a commemorative plaque that he received proudly: “I am a legend of bullfighting,” he said.

Since his divorce from Ana María Aldón, the right-hander is completely devoted to his children. Jose Fernando He continues to receive treatment for his mental health problems and is already well recovered while Gloria Camilla She has just undergone surgery for a problem with her breast prostheses. They have been very complicated days for the young woman, who she has shown on social networks to her best nurse: her father.