Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria get married after three years of dating: all the details of the wedding

It’s the moment. Three years after beginning their controversial courtship, the bullfighter from Chiva and the student from Almeria will say “yes, I do”, the definitive step to consolidate once and for all a relationship that many believed to be a passing whim. It will be a discreet party to which only their closest family and friends will attend and despite the deeply religious spirit of both, they will be united through a civil ceremony, since Enrique Poncewho was married for more than 20 years to the mother of his two daughters, Paloma Cuevasdid not request ecclesiastical annulment.

The exact date of the wedding is unknown, but it will be next year, 2025. In this way, the bullfighter will be able to fully concentrate on his final farewell to the bullrings, which he attended last Friday in Nimes after three years of inactivity. Ponce will carry out a mini season that will culminate on October 9 in his beloved bullring in Valencia, where he will cut his ponytail.

The love story between Enrique Ponce (52) y Ana Soria (25) began in January 2020. At that time, the bullfighter was still married to Paloma Cuevas and had a family life with her and his daughters. In fact, they were in confinement due to Covid on his La Cetrina farm all together. The news hit the media months later, in spring, but the images that Informalia published exclusively showed that theirs came from afar: specifically, they enjoyed a trip through the United States and Mexico towards the end of 2019. At the beginning of 2020, they visited Aspen, Colorado. After their courtship became known, they enjoyed their first summer in Almería, where Ponce was received by Soria’s family with open arms. He took a break from the show at the request of her girlfriend and even moved to her homeland, where the young woman is studying at university.

In 2022, they founded together Kranevitte’s 22, a limited company dedicated to the real estate and construction sector and through which they purchased a building plot of 800 square meters in an exclusive urbanization, about 300 meters from the beach and near the Park. Natural Cabo de Gata-Níjar. In this they built the house of her dreams: a two-story chalet, with large garden areas, swimming pools, which the future lawyer decorated to her liking and which could have cost them a million euros.

“Madly in love with Ana”

The relationship between Ponce and Soria generated all kinds of criticism, not only because of their age difference (he is 52 years old, she is 25) but because of the fact that Enrique was a married man and father of two daughters who broke up his family to live a second youth. They broke their habit of staying out of controversy in May 2023, when they visited their great friend Pablo Motos’ program, El Hormiguero.

For the first time together on a set, they told how their love story began: “I went bullfighting in Almería and I saw her on the spot. She noticed. I asked a friend about her and it turned out to be a complete task,” Ponce said between laughs. “I realized that he was looking at me and I was embarrassed, but at one point our eyes met and I felt a crush. Our first date was a dinner in a booth and he kept telling me that his sister was a lawyer. I “I was very nervous. My heart was pounding. Before that we had been talking on the phone a lot.” They then complained about the media pressure: “There is a part of the press that has mistreated us a lot, we have been characters, not people. We were not prepared to manage that and I relied on it a lot. I have gone to therapy, because the situation made me It was affecting me a lot and I didn’t have the tools to manage it,” Ana said. “He has taught me to put it into perspective because everything doesn’t matter to him and to realize that none of those who talked about me really knew me. The last straw. milk was fake news that said I had been booed out of the bullring in Granada. It wasn’t true. I saw him in his first bull and I left the bullring because I was very afraid seeing him risk his life. Ponce added: “I couldn’t believe it and look, I’ve seen atrocities in my life.”

Regarding the age difference, they stated that “love is not thought, it is something that is felt, and what is not an impediment for us should not be an impediment for anyone else. He is much more active, he is the one who pulls me along. Love is free and everyone should fall in love with whoever they want,” said Ana. “Age is just a number,” Ponce added. “Age is in the head, in the spirit, in the mood.”