Alfonso Pérez: “We must thank Kroos for everything he has given to Real Madrid during these years”


Former footballer Alfonso Pérez assured this Tuesday that “we must thank” the German midfielder Toni Kroos, who announced his retirement after the Euro Cup, “for everything he has given to Real Madrid during these years”, and made it clear that the team white “is capable of finding a substitute of the same level” to replace him.

“On the one hand, I am happy for him because he is old enough and has made a personal and family decision to hang up his boots, but we must thank him for everything he has given over all these years to Real Madrid and wish him the best. in this new stage,” declared Alfonso Pérez before participating in a solidarity paddle tennis tournament organized by Clínica Menorca.

The Madrid native recalled that in the history of the white club “many players and very good ones have passed through”, and that for this reason “he is capable of looking for a substitute of the same level as at least to seek that high level” that the German has given him. during these last few years.”

Regarding the difficult task of finding a replacement for the German and for Luka Modric, who ends his contract this summer and who has not yet announced whether he will continue, the former striker stated that “I’m sure that Real Madrid will have a player of the same level in mind,” and that expects him to “perform at least at the same level” as both.

On the other hand, with less than two weeks to go until the Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund, the man from Madrid is not confident because he considers the German team “competitive and defends very well”, so he does not believe that “they are so easy to win or overcome that entire defensive line as we saw against Atlético de Madrid.

“I would have preferred another team that opens up much more, football-wise, so that Real Madrid can take it on the counter. It’s not going to be easy for these teams with this seriousness and organization. It’s a final and anything can happen,” he warned.

Finally, regarding whether he would understand Carlo Ancelotti’s decision to bet on Thibaut Courtois instead of Andrey Lunin in the final, the former Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Betis footballer pointed out that both “are two great goalkeepers and very reliable.” “We will see if he bets on Courtois, even after coming back from an injury, even though he has played some games, or the confidence that Lunin may have in all these games that he has played and has done so at a high level,” he concluded.