The War for Alex Luna

The name of Alex Luna it sounds louder and louder in football. The interest of the greats of Europe for the Atlético Rafaela player revealed by AS has unleashed a war for the attacker. This newspaper has learned that the insistence of Barcelona and Sevilla on signing the 16-year-old player has joined the Rome, with the investment group The Friedkin Gropup, to the point that they have already contacted the player's environment to find out their disposition and make the leap to Europe. To the interest of the giallorosso team we must add the names of new teams such as Arsenal, Inter, Everton, New York City, the already known of Juventus, PSG, Manchester United, Manchester City and Milan in Europe and from Boca, Racing, Talleres and Vélez in Argentina. In addition, Colombian, Brazilian, Spanish, Italian and North American representatives have asked about the player's situation.

Athletic Rafaela, of First National, He has already received seven proposals to let his young pearl out. The verticality, dribbling, physical form and his youth, 16 years and 1.80m, have attracted attention and have caused Alex Luna interests a multitude of teams around the world. However, the player values ​​the Spanish language very positively as one of the factors to take into account to more easily adapt to one of the LaLiga teams.


Alex Luna is processing the papers to have dual Argentine and Spanish nationality and thus be a community player in Europe. His great-grandmother's Spanish ancestry facilitates the operation. Once the Argentine obtains dual nationality, the doors of the Old Continent will be even more open to sign for one of his teams.