Last Tuesday, May 23, they went to the anthill to regret, they say, the media pressure they have suffered in recent years and the criticism for their age difference. Enrique Ponceretired from bullfighting, intensely lives his love with Ana Soria in Almeria. The young woman, at 24, is still studying Law but all her plans, apparently, do not go through law firms.

So much so that although she has already made her first steps as an influencer in networks collaborating with the bullfighting firm El Capote, now she would be willing to go further. Sources close to the lovers slide to The Spanish that the young woman “wants to start a serious career” as an influencer.

She has 135,000 followers on Instagram, a figure that is far from that accumulated by the most prominent influencers on the national scene, but enough to receive serious advertising proposals and accumulate more followers. The pull that her courtship with Ponce gives her is enough for a flood of Internet users to look at her profile.

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But everything does not stay there. It debuted on television with Pablo Motos but it could go further, since it has received important offers. “A MasterChef It’s something cute and nice”, they insinuate. For everything he wants to do, yes, he has the support of the ex of dove caves (Which by the way was not even mentioned in his prime time interview, even though they began their relationship when he was still married to the Cordovan businesswoman). According to the same medium, the young woman has had two proposals on the table to participate in television contests and another for another interview on prime time.