The six-minute standing ovation for Nicolas Cage on his return to the Cannes Film Festival

The return of Nicolas Cage to the Cannes Festival has been worth it. The American actor, who had not brought a film to the most international film festival since 1990 with Wild at Heartreceived a wave of applause after the screening of The Surfera cinematographic work directed by Lorcan Finnegan.

As cheers echoed through the room for the film, Nicoles Cage smiled from ear to ear and thanked the audience for the applause. Likewise, the American actor said: “eat the rat”, one of the most significant phrases in the film.

Furthermore, the Golden Globe winner took advantage of his intervention to remember that, in 2021, the Cannes director did not accept that his film Pig was at the festival.

For the occasion, Nicolas Cage attended with an elegant black suit. At the photo shoot The Surfers, the Oscar winner posed with a flattering beige total look. As accessories, Cage selected a white hat and sneakers of the same color.