The singer of Taburete and the writer said “yes, I want” on May 11 in a civil ceremony. This weekend, when the groom’s parents, Luis Barcenas y Rosalia Iglesiasthey obtained a permit to leave the penitentiary centers in which they are serving their sentence, they held a reunion at the La Gaviota farm (Aravaca).

The link was full of familiar faces like the actress Amaia Salamancathe former vice president of government Rodrigo Rato (accompanied by his wife, Alice Gonzalez) or the designer Vicky Martin Berrocal.

48 hours after their dream wedding, both Willy Barcenas as Loreto Sesma They have shared with us, through their social networks, their first poses as husband and wife. “The happiest day of my life. Until the stars cool down, Loreto Sesma,” wrote the musician along with an image in which he grabs his wife by the waist while she holds his face with both hands.

Sema, for her part, wanted to dedicate an emotional letter to her husband: “I have never been one of those girls who imagine themselves adults, walking in white. I had other dreams, some utopian (like changing the world); others that They seemed complicated that, nevertheless, they came true (like writing books that made me travel and that people read); but, above all, what I have always wanted and will always want is to love without limits and feel loved “.

“I look back and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to tell that I have married the love of my life, the one who makes me better and always encourages me to continue fulfilling my dreams, to continue writing. Who was going to tell me that it would be low the sky of Madrid and dressed in white. But that’s how, after all, the best stories are: the ones that surprise you with a twist in the script and a dance from the heart when you least expect it,” added Loreto, also showing all the details of her custom-made dress by Pronovias.

Its beginnings until the ‘yes, I want’

Willy and Loreto began dating five years ago, although they kept it silent until 2020. Then, he invited her to go on stage at one of his concerts and they sang a song together, making it clear that they were more than friends. Last March they announced their wedding.