David Bisbaldressed in an aquamarine suit, visited the set of The resistance after accepting the invitation that David Broncano sent him just a few days ago. With the folksy attitude that characterizes him, the singer from Almeria, who has gone viral in recent weeks for his “How are the machines?” He refused to answer the classic question of money, but he did talk about his sex life with Rosanna Zanetti.

The presenter asked him: “Do you cut the straw at the root when you are in a couple?” And the former triumph said, laughing: “Self-pleasure is important in life. If you take into account that I have to travel, that I’m going to Mexico, I’m going to Argentina… Do you believe that? does anyone.”

After being asked about his relations with Zanetti, he joked: “How? But what is this?” And he added: “A person comes here and tells you how much, but that answer does not belong to you. Well, because that answer is not only mine. It has to be Rosannita because we are the team.”

The Venezuelan model listened to him blushing and, laughing, intervened from the audience: “Do you want me to say things as they are? I’m flattered by the interest in our intimate activity, really.” And she told Bisbal: “If you want, I’ll give you permission to say not the times, but the last time.” the singer of ten thousand ways, after the approval of his wife, then released a joke: “It was very recently. In the dressing room, here.” And finally he finished off the job: “No, without thinking about it, let’s say that today I woke up a bit groggy. It was last night, it was last night.”