The whim of fate wanted it to have been September 18, the day that Rocío Jurado would have turned 79, when Ana María Aldón, the second wife of Jose Ortega Cano, has announced that he is remarrying. Not a year has passed since she separated from the bullfighter and father of her youngest son. Just this Sunday the right-hander and Gloria Mohedano attended the tribute to The Largest in Chipiona.

It was September 18 when Rocío Jurado, called ‘the voice of the millennium’, was born in Chipiona, which is why her hometown wanted to celebrate in style this Sunday the birth of the great artist, who died from cancer on September 1. June 2006.

As expected, José Ortega Cano, Gloria Mohedano and her husband, José Antonio Rodríguez, did not want to miss this tribute and were very moved by the love they continue to receive from their followers.

But just as they were paying tribute to the Chipionera, a shout was heard on the Telecinco program Fiesta: “Ana María Aldón is getting married!” It was the unexpected surprise that the Sanluqueña had in store for us for this beginning of the season. On this occasion it was her fiancé, Eladio, who took advantage of a phone call to the program in which Ana María works to declare her unconditional love and dare to propose.

Far from a great display, Ortega Cano’s ex has preferred simplicity to show the great unconditional love they have for each other and how happy they are to have met on the road. “You’re wonderful” Eladio, a lover, claimed that he could spend the rest of his life with her and even get married, a proposal that he ended up making live.

“Will you marry me?”

“We are going to give a little shape to this relationship that you and I have, we are going to celebrate it with everyone and that I love you,” Ana María herself began by saying when they had just celebrated their fifth month of relationship. Finally, Eladio asks the question “Do you want to marry me?” for which she obtains a very clear answer: “You are wonderful. Of course I want to marry you.” Very happy and in love, Ana María also took advantage of the moment to thank her future husband for how happy he has made her in these times. months together: “I want to thank you because you make me feel very happy, but what I feel is a universe. I am so convinced that I don’t mind taking the step. This is why I said yes to you. I love you.”