Daniel Sancho has his mother nearby, who remains in Thailand but in principle has been left without defense. The family is looking for a new lawyer, who has to be a Thai, since the one they had does not convince the family. Now they are managing the hiring of a jurist who can get the best for Rodolfo Sancho’s son, within the gloomy panorama that he faces after being accused of murdering and dismembering the Colombian doctor Edwin Arrieta.

Although some sources claim that it was the lawyer who made the decision to abandon the defense, the family denies this and maintains that they were the ones who decided to dispense with the services of the Thai lawyer. The situation becomes even more complicated after the autopsy revealed that the murdered surgeon was alive when he was dismembered.

The defense is going to fight because Daniel Sancho has been subjected to interrogations and tests without lawyers, and they are going to try to work on mitigating circumstances. They will also look for a way to change the criminal offense from murder to reckless homicide. In law there is a figure called ‘type error’, which would be when he went to dismember him he did not believe that he was killing him at that moment but it all depends on what he has declared.

On the Telecinco program they said this Sunday that Daniel Sancho suffered an irreparable loss eight years ago that ruined the life of Rodolfo Sancho’s son and that perhaps it will help understand Daniel’s behavior, something that lawyers could use in his defense.

They talked on Enma García’s program about a “dramatic event, an unexpected death of someone close to Daniel, a death that devastates the family in an unexpected way.” As it was said, “this caused a strong shock, and a path was opened in Daniel’s life, which with more or less luck has been resolved,” they explained.

But, in view of Rodolfo’s letter that he gives to Edwin’s family, some things become clear. It is not known whether the phrase that Rodolfo says is directed at Edwin or at another person. That serious, unexplained, traumatic event could shed some light.

Full sentence in Thailand and for life

The number two in the Thai police has warned Daniel Sancho that he will have to serve his full sentence in Thailand and continue collaborating if he does not want to end up on death row. The situation is even more delicate if possible.

On the one hand, there is the lawyer who has stopped defending him, who spoke from the beginning of premeditated murder, which implies the death penalty or in the best of cases life imprisonment. García Montes, however, speaks of homicide, 15 years and that in four years in Spain.

When will the trial take place? If the confession is in accordance with the evidence, it could be made in the first weeks of January, But if the new defense wants to fight for another type of sentence, the trial will take longer. The cause of death: Police say he dies with his throat slit. But Sancho says that he died from a blow. What is going to happen on September 30? Is the vis-a-vis going to be carried out? They tell us that if the vis-à-vis is not confirmed, Silvia could return. Everything indicates that we are going to have a trial in January.