The lie has very short legs and, after days of turmoil, Alba Carrillo has ended up confessing that he did sleep with Jorge Perez the day of the party. The model has kept quiet until now for not making firewood from the fallen tree, since her partner is married to the motivational coach Alice Pena and has four children.

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“The sexual tension has been resolved,” Fonsi Nieto’s ex confessed this Thursday in it’s already noon. He couldn’t keep it anymore. “They insisted on saying that I was going for him,” she blurted out, tired of the gossip.

It was a matter of time before something ended up happening between the two: “It had not been consummated, we had not seen each other outside of TV until the other day but here there was a physical and sexual attraction between the two.”

After denying it time and time again until now, he has revealed the reason why he did not want to confirm it before: “I have not lied. I have protected a partner, a person whom I was fond of and who thought he was going to do the same with me He and his wife have woven a strategy.”

What happened after the party

After getting involved at the party, they went to Marta López’s house and the rest is history: “She asked us not to get her involved in that, she retired to her rooms and what happened there…”. Later they left Marta’s house but they did not go separately, but ended up at Alba’s own house: “The truth is that I went home with him,” she has confessed.

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He has also made it clear that the two are responsible for what happened: “Two people don’t go to bed if one doesn’t want to, two people don’t kiss if one doesn’t want to (…) He wanted to be alone with me and I with him” .

In this sense, she does not intend to allow the blame and harmful comments to fall on her: “What bothers me is that they have made some statements talking about ‘Our family, we are beings of light’ and they leave me in bad shape. What’s up? with my family?”.

After this confession, the marriage between Alicia and Jorge is more in jeopardy than ever: “If his wife knew everything, why does Jorge let Marta and me lie? Tell me that your wife knows and don’t let me look bad “. It must be remembered that the former civil guard has explained on several occasions that he told his wife everything to try to save her marriage. All?

However, Alba has dropped that everything could be “a strategy” designed by Jorge himself and his wife. Miguel Frigenti, in this sense, already pointed out that they could have planned this for Alicia to participate in a reality show in the house… Perhaps Survivors?