The FC Barcelona and Spanish national team player Sergio Busquets acknowledged that “sooner rather than later” it will be his turn to “step aside” and retire or let new generations take his place both at the Blaugrana club and at La Roja. , with whom he is playing in his fourth World Cup in Qatar.

“I have been lucky enough to spend many years, to be able to achieve many things and I think to mark an era with the club. I think that sooner rather than later, because I am 34 years old, the opportunity will come for me to step aside”, He commented on the LaLiga program ‘LaLiga Es Mundial’.

In this sense, he assured that he will have to deal with the arrival of a player from outside, or from La Masia in the case of Barça, who “works” in his position with different characteristics. “But the important thing is that the performance is very high,” he warned his future relay.

“Yes, there is a substitute, even if they are not equal players, it is the law of football. Colleagues who were top world players have left and others have arrived, with different profiles. Football continues and evolves. The club is above everything and it will happen to me like the other colleagues”, he assured in this regard.

For Busquets, the key to staying active and being a starter is to “take care of yourself and work hard”. “At the club we have all the means and I take great care of myself, at the club and abroad. Above all, you have to train well and be aware of where I am, of the demand that you must have in each training session and game. And that this translates to the confidence that teammates and ‘staff’ give you with the coach at the head”, he commented.

“What would stand out the most about me is that I am a team player who tries to have everything under control on a tactical and mental level. And then I try to make my teammates better. If I can help a defender or winger, much better Or that he is well placed to evolve the play in the best, fastest way. Try to do everything the team needs”, he argued.

On the other hand, he recognized that the coach who has marked him the most has been Pep Guardiola. “He is the one with whom I have been the longest, I have shared the most training sessions and he was at a crucial time of being in the subsidiary and moving to the first team. He gave me another point of view with the Barça style that has worked so well”, he celebrated.

“They say I’m sick of football because I like it, in the end it’s my passion and also my job. I’ve been very lucky to be able to dedicate myself to what I’ve liked since I was little”, the Ciutat Badia man was honest.