Betis will go to Glasgow this Wednesday with the peace of mind of being able to continue thinking about LaLiga, where he is so well classified, and without the duty of lining up against Celtic a team with many starters because already it is certain that he will be 2nd in his Europa League group and will have to face a team that comes from the Champions League in the round of 32 of the second continental competition.

But there is a monetary prize that is not mucus of turkey, especially given the precarious economic situation of the Verdiblanco club, which was revealed at the Shareholders’ Meeting last November and it was once again evidenced at the moment that there was a threat of sports punishment (the fine is now immovable) that UEFA has imposed on him these days for non-payments.

Shield / Flag Betis

Winning Celtic would provide the Betic coffers with 630.000 euros and thus exceed eight million in income so far in the Europa League. The tie provides 210,000. According to the specialized website Football-Coefficient, those from Heliópolis have entered 7,446,000 euros, between participation, European coefficient and games won. Dispute the sixteenth will mean 1.2 million more.