Cádiz is going through a bad time. Everything portends the worst. The team does not lift its head, victory seems unattainable this season and the relegation zone has devoured the club. And as always in these cases, you look at the bench and the person who leads it: Álvaro Cervera. According to Diario de Cádiz, lThe coach’s presence in the locker room is hanging by a thread. Cervera will face Granada on Monday, which may be his last chance.

Some fans have already begun to question its continuity in front of the locker room, and the fact is that the coach, lately, is not the same as he was five and a half years ago. He is seen off, blocked and even seems to throw in the towel when the yellows receive a goal. The team is not fresh with ideas either.

Cadiz Shield / Flag

The game system that has taken Cádiz from Second B to LaLiga Santander and, even, has given a permanence in the elite of national football, has been lost. The defensive solidity is neither there nor expected and the team’s problems are increasing. The fans, from the stands, will also judge the future that the coach faces on Monday.

A month ago, the president of Cádiz, Manuel Vizcaíno, stated in an interview for Estadio Deportivo that he would not answer a question about the future of Cervera because there was no roomA: “I don’t even answer. He is a coach who has been here for six seasons. Those of us who are on the boat will be there until the end. That is the philosophy, the thinking and the way we work.”

However, a short time later, the technician seemed to be saying goodbye in an interview with Diario de Cádiz. “I think that everything has a beginning and an end, and what you have to know is to take it. Beyond being a coach or not, you have to know tomorrow that you were in a place, in a city and in a club where that they treated you wonderfully and that you keep a huge memory. You cannot make yourself eternal anywhere because that is not good for the club or for me or for anyone “.

And he declared that it is difficult for him “to think about life after training at Cádiz. I know that one day it will have to happen. And the same will happen to Cádiz, it will continue on its way when I am gone. I will be part of the memory and Cádiz will be for me too. an unforgettable experience “.

Five and a half years on the bench have made Álvaro Cervera known as “the coach of Cádiz”. Everything has an end and, in the beautiful game, endings are usually quite ungrateful. On Monday, the outcome of the match against Granada will dictate Cervera’s future.