In Balaídos, Maxi Gómez gave signs of being the forward that Valencia bet on in 2019 and that he scored so many goals, precisely, in the heavenly stadium. With a goal, a key robbery for Hugo Duro to score and a ‘gift’ to Soler That the Valencian did not turn into assistance, the Uruguayan was key to the victory thanks to these three actions, which share a common denominator: occurred within the area.

Valencia Shield / Flag

It seems like a lie, but a pure 9 like Maxi Gómez was barely having a presence in his maximum zone of danger, the area. In the last games prior to his injury the situation reached the limit, He only touched a ball in the aforementioned area against Mallorca and against Barcelona there were two touches that he made in the area, but both on the sides, away from the rival goal.

Photo by Maxi Gómez

Recovered from the injury and after a small reprimand from Bordalás: “He has to give us much more, he must be more in the area, where it is dangerous,” the Uruguayan seems to have gotten the message. In Anoeta he already enjoyed two shots almost in the small area and, against Celta, in addition to scoring participated with the ball on four occasionss within the area, all of them near the rival goal.

Maxi’s heat map against Barcelona

The Uruguayan did not step in the center of the area throughout the game.

Maxi’s heat map against Mallorca

The Uruguayan barely had a presence in the area and participated more from the band.

Maxi’s heat map against Real Sociedad

Maxi increased his presence in the area against Real.

Maxi’s heat map against Celta

Maxi finally had his great role in the area, as well as in the three-quarter zone dropping balls.

The goals for Maxi are more than numbers. The striker is not happy when he does not score and his lack of chances they were leading him into dangerous apathy in some games that had been made to him lose ownership. As it happened with Celades and Gracia, Bordalás sent him to the bench, but unlike with the previous coachs with whom you had disciplinary problems this time he has been able to turn his crisis around. The Heat Map Before and After Your Injury and the banquillazo attest to his improvement at the time of stepping on the rival area.


The name of Maxi Gómez has been on the Valencia starting grid in recent summers, but The lack of juicy offers have caused him to stay, in addition to being considered an important asset in the entity. He has never hidden that if he came to the club it was because he wanted to take a step forward in his career, however, he has only played the Champions League in the season of his signing. With contract up to 2024, the forward knows that if he wants to attract the attention of important clubs, he must continue his scoring streak.