Voro this morning he directed his first training session in this seventh stage at the helm of Valencia. Although Javi Gracia went to the sports city at 8.30 as usual, thinking of directing the recovery session after the defeat against Barcelona, ​​the president also went to Paterna Indigo
Murthy to notify you of your dismissal.

Shortly after noon, the Navarrese technician left the facilities with his belongings and did not want to speak to the journalists who were waiting for him at the door. Neither did Murthy when he did the same. There is still no one Explanation
official of the decision, beyond the brief statement with which the relief was announced.

Murthy did meet with the captains from the squad to comment on the relay, a fact that delayed the start of what was Voro's first training session at the head of the squad.

The 'fire extinguisher’He respected the work plan that Gracia had planned: session of Recovery in the gym for the starters against Barça and a more intense work in the field for those who were not. He was with them, accompanied by Chema
Sanz, an ex-technician of the subsidiary who was part of the technical staff of Gracia although he was not of his strict team so he is still in the entity.

Nor are there, at least for now, plans for the rest of the week. Voro has kept the day
free on Tuesday and the team will return to work on Wednesday to prepare for the match against Valladolid. If the fear of descent was already going to preside over that duel, the removal of Gracia will only increase the tension that will surround him.


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