Marcelo will be able to travel to London with the rest of Real Madrid on the same plane. The Brazilian side complied with the call that he had as a substitute member in one of the tables of the polling stations for the election day that takes place this Tuesday in the Community of Madrid. He went and when he verified that the owner had presented himself, he was able to leave. That way you won't have to wait for tomorrow, Wednesday, the day of the match, to travel by private plane. That was plan B that will not have to be activated.

The Brazilian, with dual nationality and a citizen of Madrid, was summoned as a substitute at the Liceo Europeo de la Moraleja. He arrived on time and, once the headline appeared, he went home. Although there were doubts as to whether he would have to stay on duty, club sources consulted by this newspaper assure that he would not and that from now on he can travel. According to LaSexta, the woman who was assigned as a second substitute, that is, who came to replace Marcelo, has offered to keep the position that had been assigned to the Brazilian, thus freeing him to travel without major problem.

Given the repeated refusals by the Electoral Board for Marcelo to 'get rid' of this position, given other precedents with footballers in similar situations, the Brazilian had to wait to know if the titular member attended the electoral college. A situation that does not alter his presence at Stamford Bridge like the rest of the team.

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