Six years ago the beloved MotoGP rider died in a quad accident in Ibiza, where he had his summer refuge. angel grandson (70) was driving his vehicle when he was hit by a car. His helmet, which was on but not fastened, was thrown off and he sustained a severe head injury, killing him six days later. The appearance of three new witnesses, who were not taken into consideration before, has forced the reopening of the case and has given a turn to events.

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These three people testified last Tuesday and provided key information in the investigation: the speed of the other driver, a German woman, who stated at the time that Nieto had stopped dead with his quad and had not been able to avoid it because, among other things , the rear indicator lights were clogged with mud. According to witnesses, the lady was going at a speed much higher than what was allowed: “The owner of the Fiat was driving faster than the quad and, at the moment of the collision, she dragged it and the blow was very strong. The speed of the Fiat was excessive”, declared one of them. This new version of the facts gives a 180-degree turn to the case, since the lady’s recklessness has gone from being a minor offense (as determined at the time) to an accusation of reckless homicide.

The Nieto family is satisfied with the reopening although it is surprised: “You have to know the truth. That new witnesses suddenly appear is something that personally does not suit me very much. It is clear that there was a mistake from the beginning”has said pablo grandsonone of the sons of the deceased.

It must be remembered that the case was closed at first because the cause of Ángel Nieto’s death, head trauma, was attributed to the fact that the pilot was not wearing his helmet properly fastened and, therefore, flew off in the collision. The widow, Belindasigned an agreement with the insurer and received 900.000 euros as compensation for the death of her husband.