Torrecilla: “The squad has arguments to achieve the objective”

The sports director of the Real Zaragoza, Miguel Torrecilla, has indicated that after the closing of the winter market and the contracting of three reinforcements (Peybernes, Sanabria and Alegría) the template “has arguments to achieve the objective”.

“If no contract had been made, we would have a solid base to meet the objective and the arrival of three incorporations will make us more competitive internally and will help the coach to make things difficult for him to make the starting eleven for each day,” he said. commented at a telematic press conference to assess the movements made by the Aragonese team during the winter hiring market.

The Zaragoza leader believes that the workforce, after the entries and exits that have occurred, comes out “more competitive on a day-to-day basis.”

“We have detected on a day-to-day basis a progression in the team and the arrival of these players means a growth in the level of competitiveness and that has to be reflected in performance,” he analyzed.

In this regard, he added that the squad has “experience, football and level to have a lot of room for growth.”

Asked if he had feared that any important player in the squad could have left paying the termination clause, Torrecilla explained that they were not because they were important clauses and he was sure that no one was going to pay for them.

“One of the premises was not to weaken the team and for newcomers to come out to have greater competition in all lines. We were going to refer to the clauses and the club has very well protected players in that sense,” he said. outstanding.