Leonor’s most viral walk through Zaragoza: 20 minutes of greetings, photos and selfies at the doors of the cathedral

It has been Leonor’s most viral walk through the Aragonese capital. A journey from Plaza del Pilar to Plaza de la Seo that, on foot, takes four minutes and that took the eldest daughter of the Kings almost 20. “Pretty, princess!” Selfies, greetings and hundreds of photos. Leonor, one by one, greeted the neighbors who gathered around the Cathedral of the Savior in Zaragoza, where the Aragonese Government presented her with the Medal of Aragon. It was the third distinction for the heiress on May 21. A tribute from the Aragonese community to the Princess, who thanked the neighbors on the street.

In the Senate, the daughter of Felipe VI and Letizia has taken her seat next to the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles. The president of the community, the popular Jorge Azcón, opened the event. “His presence here is an unequivocal sign of his belonging to the common home that is Spain,” said Azcón, who pronounced the words of “unity” and “equality.” “That His Highness receives the three mentions calls upon us Aragonese to persevere through solidarity and understanding.”