The Marchioness of Griñón has received the public pardon of her still fiancé, Inigo Onievaafter some images came to light in which he kisses passionately with a girl who is not Tamara Falcojust a few days before asking her to marry him.

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An unpleasant situation for the daughter of Isabel Preysler that, since this Saturday, September 24, she has been a refugee in her mother’s house and, according to what they say in several television programs, she does not want to talk to the businessman.

There has been so much commotion that even familiar faces have spoken about what is happening between Tamara and Íñigo. so he has done Toni Moreno who, through his social networks, has shown solidarity with the moment that Carlos Falcó’s daughter lives.

“Today we would all hug Tamara,” the journalist wrote on her Twitter profile. In the last photo of Tamara’s Instagram, which is no longer the one with her engagement ring because she deleted it, her followers have also left her numerous messages of love and support. “You are worth a lot,” they repeat to her.