Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

Fans and viewers have already seen the documentary “The Last Dance” that consists of 10 interesting parts. In the documentary, there were Chronicles to be seen about the Chicago Bull’s dynasty with Michael Jordan in the 1990s. It did surely conclude on Sunday that leaves all the sports fans and supporters guessing about the next tell-all series.

Everyone is currently guessing their best to figure out the next documentary that will include another best and popular sports player. Surely, each and every fan has their own answers to the big arising question of who is going to be the next leading character in the next 10-part documentary series.

It was “The Last Dance” and “OJ: Made In America” that consists of a four-part and eight hours in the documentary. Both the creations did surely leave a high bar for other projects that are going to come in the near future. So there is an arising question in everyone’s mind and that is Who Is Next?

Currently, almost all the sports fans and enthusiasts are debating over the social media platform about the trending topic. But there is only one true answer to all their expectation and the answer will end all the ongoing debates. Everyone is expecting that the next 10-part documentary series will be about Tiger Woods. The loose script about the documentary is already out and that will have all the surprising and interesting elements in it.

Amateur Career

It will be possible to make the documentary on Tiger Woods as there is enough footage from his career. It will include his young golf career, major accomplishments, and college career.

Father’s Relationship

Tiger Woods’ surely close relationship with his father earl can be shown in the documentary series. It will match the theme the same as Michael Jordan’s relationship.

Golf Icon

A look at how he raises the popularity of Golf is remarkable from his early 2000s. It will be what the audience will like to watch.

There are so many points to cover about Tiger Woods. So it makes the best answer to make a 10-part documentary on him.


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