Tom Brady's New Product
Tom Brady's New Product

All of you must have surely heard about the wellness brand of Tom Brady who happens to be the American Football Quarterback. Tom Brady’s wellness brand TB12 did surely push the unproven supplements for long and that too at unreasonably high prices. TB12 was the wellness brand and core function of Tom Brady’s business model for which he is now facing a great backlash.

Tom Brady did promote $100 recovery pajamas for which he is peddling anti-concussion water with no real scientific reasons. It is such a trendy topic over social media about the new product branding of Tom Brady.

Tom Brady’s New Product

The outbreak of Coronavirus and pandemic are growing currently while Tom Brady’s brand did announce its new product. On Monday, Tom Brady’s brand is going all out to launch its new “Immunity Blend Supplement” namely “PROTECT”.

Tom Brady’s new Protect supplement is just the same as any other immunity supplement to your basic Emergency-C. It is like the immune support vitamin supplement that you will get at any nearby pharmaceutical store. But if we talk about the Protect immunity supplement that Tom Brady did launch. Then the price of the Protect supplement is not reasonable. It is totally having an exorbitant price range as the company is charging $45 for an immunity supplement. Also, it is quite a high price range for a supplement that is not FDA-Approved.

It was surely a bad timing to launch the immunity supplement blend during this Coronavirus pandemic. The Protect supplement makes people question it’s quality and price range difference.

Tom Brady’s product has no scientific backings and it does not claim to protect users from the Coronavirus threat. It was not long before he did announce the product that Tom did have to face backlashes for profiting amid such a crisis. People react that it was definitely selfish of Tom Brady to announce the product at such a time and with unreasonable prices.


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