Diego Pablo Simeone appeared before the media electronically in the preview of Atlético-Sevilla (tomorrow, 7:30 p.m., Movistar+ LaLiga). He spoke of Suárez, of Griezmann and of the few minutes of Wass.

Athletic Shield/Flag

-Wass: “I spoke with him two weeks ago, at least, explaining a little what I see, I felt, what happened after his arrival and his injury, and the little rhythm of the game that he has been having. And in a final stretch where we have to decide who to count on to compete, he was choosing other partners. He couldn’t have that continuity of matches, which is the only way that I can see him better in training. From there we will see if I can count on him or not”.

-Suárez, end of contract: “I had a talk with Luis in mid-November, hard, long and sincere. And the two parties were able to talk about what he saw ahead of the present and what we had to do to compete and what we were going to need from him. Truly, from that day until today, each one in his place each one respected what we were going to do. Grateful for his season, tremendous. This is still the scorer of our team, tomorrow he will play. With the people who commit themselves in the way Luis behaved, always thumbs up.”

-Griezmann: “There are still two days left to close an irregular season, beyond the two dates that are missing, the analysis will not change. Finishing second, third, fourth, but in the general analysis we all could have done more and I prefer the rebellion from LaLiga 14, which was not easy, it was not simple. But with humility, work, being all together, we were able to take the team among the best in LaLiga, beyond the fact that we can always aspire to one more step”.

-At the end of last LaLiga you spoke about the Suárez Zone: “In this irregular season you cannot point to a single person, there are many of us who could do it and we should have done better.”

-Against hunger we give everything: “It has been seven years with this intention, it generates us a lot of hope. Tomorrow we expect, as has always happened, everyone’s help to continue collaborating in this food collection, in the tents. To be able to participate and I invite you to help. It’s important to everyone.”