The cadet coach, Sergio Gonzalez, attended the media in the press room of the stadium. He was talking about the match against Real Madrid this Sunday. “On a scale of values, the main thing is victory. The team has to play football, be solid in defence, have the courage and audacity to attack, create chances and be able to win the game. The first thing is victory, but if we play a good game we will be closer to reaching it”.

Cadiz Shield/Flag

important duel. “From Mallorca to San Sebastian there has been an important course of the team. Two or three months ago we would have signed to be like this. If those below think it can, why not us. Tomorrow is going to be a difficult game, very difficult, but let’s go to fight for victory.”

Optimism in the environment. “People convey confidence to me, they convey to me that we are going to achieve it. I have seen faces of optimism. Tomorrow comes Madrid, yes, but we have the capacity to play a great game. I have not found pessimism in the locker room. The team was annoyed because of the loss against a strong team, because we didn’t get our best version, but I think the team has a great background to face this weekend’s game strong”.

The match against Real Madrid. “It will be impossible not to be aware of other results. The Madrid squad is very strong. Players are coming with the desire to vindicate themselves, important players. Madrid will play at their best level and we will try to find a strong Real Madrid. The best way to face the game is for them to see what they are doing, they have to know that they have come a very important way to get where we are. We have two games left, but above all an important one, which is tomorrow, our last game against our people. Let the fans see that their team has been emptied”.

Regarding the players with discomfort, Sergio is clear that it is not the time to reserve. “Now is the time to squeeze the player you have to squeeze and from there we will try to get the strongest eleven, knowing that the changes are going to be very important because the rival is very strong.”

As for Alejo’s injury, Sergio downplayed. “He is going to prove himself today. Iván is full of honor and he is being important to us. He is going to try until the last moment and it depends on how he is, we will see if he comes or not.”